Facilitation and development case studies

Project Client When Key features
Sport for Social Integration Mayors Office London 2017 We were commissioned by the Mayors Office for London. The new mayor of London had identified a new focus for the sports team with the Mayors Office leading to a shift from sports participation to using sport as a tool for social integration. We ran a day long workshop with 30 organisations from across the sport and social integrations sectors in London. The session included identifying a common definition of what Sport for Social Integration was; understanding the current activity in the sector; developing a consensus on priority outcomes for the programme and developing a Theory of Change
Neighbourhood Networks Leeds City Council 2017 We were commissioned by Leeds City Council to facilitate sessions with their Neighbourhood Networks. The networks provide a range of services to Older People and are funded by Adult Social Care. The aim of the sessions was to consult the Network members on their vision for the future of the network and to understand what they wanted around standardisation across the Network.
– Women and Girls sports programme Comic Relief 2016 Comic Relief commissioned us to facilitate a workshop, to help them develop a sport for change programme focused on women and girls. This was the first programme they had sought to co-produce with the sector. We ran an event at Wembley Stadium including representatives from 50 organisations who had a focus on raising participation in sport among women and girls. The session included understanding the key terms, developing outcomes for the programme, developing a consensus on the programme vision and identifying key criteria for the programme as it was developed.
Premier League  Primary Stars Premier League 2016-17 We facilitated a set of workshops to help the Premier League develop different strands of the Premier League Primary Stars programme. A core part of the programme is a website that contains resources and materials for teachers to download and use. We ran sessions to develop the Maths, Health and PE content. This involved bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders who have an interest or knowledge about the field. We ran a session that helped identify what the current issues around the theme were, where the Premier League could add most value and what a vision for resources in this field could be. We then developed more detailed product descriptions for some early resources the Premier League could develop.
Premiership Rugby and BT Supporters Fund Premiership Rugby   We worked with the BT Supporters Fund to help them coproduce a project with the Premier League. As a consequence of this when they sought to develop a national programme with Premiership Rugby they asked us to help them gain a joint understanding of what the vision for the programme should be and to build a Theory of Change. The session helped both Premiership Rugby and BT clarify they were developing a locally relevant assets based project that allowed each Premiership Rugby Club to develop a local response to engaging under-represented groups.


Care Home Development Vista 2016 We ran a session with the Trustees from Vista. This session was needed to help gain consensus from the Trustees about what the organisations approach to their Care Homes should be. The existing Care Homes needed investment and there was an opportunity to build a new Care Home. The session created a forum where concerns, issues and opportunities could be openly discussed and finished by creating a consensus on the Charities approach to care homes
Neighbourhood Networks Leeds City Council 2017 We ran two sessions with the Neighbourhood Networks in Leeds. These networks provide a range of services to older people and were last reviewed in 2007. The sessions provided the Networks with an open forum where they could discuss any concerns and allowed the City Council to collect key information to inform the options appraisal. An independent facilitator was needed because of some long standing tensions between the City Council and Neighbourhood Networks
Premier League Charitable Fund PLCF 2012-present We support the PLCF to award grants, monitor and evaluate their projects and programmes. This involves reviewing 6 monthly reports from a wide range of programmes including their PL PFA fund. Through this work we have also supported individual football clubs to develop their outcome measurements
myplace support team Big Lottery Fund 2012-2013 As associates to Hall Aitken, we were members of the national myplace support team providing business, strategic and operational planning support to 63 young people’s projects across England
Enterprise training Princes Trust 2012-2014 Shephard and Moyes Ltd supported the delivery of the Princes Trust Enterprise programme. The work involved working with young people to understand the challenges of starting a business and the specific processes involved in their formation. The work involved delivery of 4 day training to stimulate business ideas and develop a sound basis for business development
Ageing Better Big Lottery Fund 2013-present As associates of Hall Aitken we are members of the Support and Development Team for Ageing Better. We act as Lead Advisors for 5 areas. This involves helping to understand and diagnose support needs. We also facilitate a wide range of sessions with groups from across the partnership, supporting them to share learning and exchange ideas.
Care Homes Vista 2016 We ran a session with the Trustees from Vista. This session was needed to help gain consensus from the Trustees about what the organisations approach to their Care Homes should be. The existing Care Homes needed investment and there was an opportunity to build a new Care Home. The session created a forum where concerns, issues and opportunities could be openly discussed and finished by creating a consensus on the Charities approach to care homes
Vattenfall Monitoring and Evaluation Framework 2016 We worked with Vattenfall to develop some foundations for a community fund that would distribute community benefit funding from a local windfarm development. We used Theory of Change to design an application and assessment process and make recommendations for how they could build Monitoring and Evaluation into their work.

Evaluation case studies

Project Client When What we did
Come Outside! Evaluation Natural Resources Wales 2013 – 2016 With Trilein Ltd we were commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the countrywide Come Outside! programme in Wales.  This was a capacity building programme aimed at encouraging young people and those less physically active to engage with open space in order to improve skills and health.
Renew Wales DTA Wales 2012-2015 With Trilein Ltd we were commissioned to carry out a 3 year formative evaluation of the Big Lottery Funded Renew Wales project, aimed at supporting communities to reduce the impact of climate change.
Onside YMCA England 2013-2016 We evaluated the national YMCA England Onside project. This inclusive physical activity project aimed to create inclusive sports clubs for young people with additional needs. As well as increasing opportunities for young people to be active, the project also aimed to increase youth participation. Our role was to embed outcomes measures and help demonstrate the impact of the project beyond bums on seats
Green Seeds Action for Sustainable Living 2013 We worked with Action for Sustainable Living to evaluate their Green Seeds project, which supported residents to set up and run environmental projects in their communities. This included qualitative research speaking to community volunteers and helping to form a plan for how the project could be taken forward.
North West Wellbeing Stockport Council 2012-2014 We undertook a mixed methods study to explore whether community based health projects build the assets people need to lead a healthy lifestyle. It involved the collection of 500 questionnaires and 30 interviews across 6 projects. The data was presented so it can be used by community based health projects to help inform commissioners
Bury PRA evaluation Bury Council 2013 We carried out an evaluation of the Pimhole Renewal Area project which was a 10 year housing-led regeneration programme, involving property facelifts, gateways improvements, acquisition and clearance of selected properties and replacement of new build stock, dealing with empty properties and miscellaneous environmental improvements.
Creativity and Innovation in Micro-Enterprises (CIME) evaluation


Swansea Metropolitan University 2012 CIME was an INTERREG funded initiative with the overall aim of embedding Creative & Innovative thinking into all areas of business. With Trilein Ltd we were selected to carry out an independent evaluation of the impact of the programme.
Parks for People Heritage Lottery Fund 2012 – 2015 With Hall Aitken and CFP we have supported successful applicants to the Parks for People programme to comply with HLF’s monitoring and evaluation requirements.  This includes evaluation training and support for projects in collecting robust monitoring data, the development of the HLF evaluation guidance and monitoring spreadsheet.

We have used the monitoring data collected to produce evaluation reports on the impact of the programme to date.

Fire and Falls GMFRS 2012-2014 We evaluated an innovative partnership between the Fire Service and Social Services. The concept is those people most at risk of falls are also most at risk of fires. As such by cross-referral they will be able to minimize the impact of both. Our evaluation explored how the partnership is working. It focused on the practicalities of partnership working in increasingly complex and constrained environments
Community Garden Network Groundwork North Wales 2013-2014 We carried out an evaluation of the BIG Lottery Funded Community Garden Network project in North Wales, which promoted volunteering on green

space projects in order to improve health and skills.

The evaluation included the production of a business

case to help secure future funding for the project.

Burslem Park Stoke on Trent City Council 2013 With CFP we carried out an evaluation of the Parks for People funded Burslem Park restoration project.  This included surveys with visitors, stakeholder interviews and focus groups with users and staff.
Black to Green National Forest Company 2015-present We have been appointed by the National Forest Company to evaluate the HLF funded Black to Green project, which aims to reconnect communities with the industrial and natural heritage of the National Forest
Brockwell Park Lambeth Council 2014 We designed a visitor survey and visitor count methodology, trained volunteers in how to use the survey and produced a report on the findings.  The report was used as part of the project’s final evaluation report to HLF.
Barclays PL Works PLCF 2015-2016 We worked with PLCF and Barclays to evaluate their employability programme aimed at getting young people who are furthest from the labour market into work. In the first evaluation we focused on the pilot clubs and identified key learning for other CCOs also delivering the programme.
Quality Mark London Youth 2015 We were commissioned by London Youth to review their Quality Mark. This included detailed case studies that aim to unpick the impact of the Quality Mark on organisations. This means understanding the different start points and end points of organisations and how the Quality Mark has supported this journey