Facilitation and development

We undertake facilitated workshops for a wide range of clients. We follow a similar process with every commission. First we undertake a detailed understanding of what the session should achieve. We focus on the outcomes and products of the session.

Second we design and draw on a range of tools to help people think through complex problems or issues. We make use of prioritisation and voting to gain consensus on difficult topics.

Third we deliver the sessions. We have an inclusive style and excellent group management skills allowing us to ensure all people participate in the sessions and feel their voices can be heard.

We also make sure people have a good time and feel their contribution has been worthwhile and valued.

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Case study – Premier League Primary Stars

Developing a vision for new website content

About the project

Premier League Primary Stars is an ambitious schools based offer by the Premier League. It combines a digital platform with an on the ground offer from Club Community Organisations. As part of developing the digital offer we ran a series of visioning workshops to prioritise and focus where digital content should be developed.

What we did

We ran three visioning sessions. These took place around the themes of Maths, Health and PE. The sessions brought together a diverse range of stakeholders who were leaders in their field. This meant there were representatives from senior public and third sector organisations. The sessions also included representatives from schools and Club Community Organisations who would be using the resources every day.

What we found

The sessions followed a similar format. We started by understanding what the issues are in the field. This included a brainstorming exercise thinking as broadly as possible around why this was an area of focus. This was followed by a session where we identified the area where the Premier League could have the most impact.

Following this we created the outcomes we wanted to achieve with the resources and used this to generate project ideas.

We then went on to develop a scoring matrix for the ideas and develop a product description for the ideas with most support.

This provided the Premier League with a prioritised set of resources they could develop that matched the needs of key stakeholders and partners in the field.